How to Find and Use No Deposit Codes

How to Redeem No Deposit Codes

Especially good for new players, or those on a tight budget, no deposit bonuses are popular with casinos and players alike. If you're wondering how to find and take advantage of them, read on.

Finding No Deposit Codes

Luckily, finding such codes is not difficult. Quite often they can actually be hard to miss. There are two main places to find what you're looking for: casinos themselves and review type websites.

There's nothing wrong, as such, with checking out casinos yourself. The problem is that there's a huge number of them and this means a lot of virtual legwork. The advantage of using a review type website (or more than one) is that they helpfully collate the various offers, allowing you to both find a large number quickly and to compare them easily. This makes it much simpler to pick the one(s) you want.

Redeeming No Deposit Codes

How to Redeem No Deposit Codes Canada

Some promotions don't come with a code at all. In these cases, all you need to do is register/log in with the relevant casino and the bonus will be credited to your account.

Mostly, though, you'll need to enter the code. This is very straightforward. Just log in, go to the cashier section of the casino, and enter the relevant number. This should work, but if you do encounter any sort of problem, just give the details of the offer a quick check, and if no apparent solution presents itself, give customer support a bell and they'll remedy the problem.

Types of Bonus

One of the most popular promotions is free spins. These tend to be tied to a specific slots game, so it's worth knowing which one in case you have a game you particularly like (or, indeed, one you'd prefer to avoid). Free credits are similar but are linked to a non-slots game. Free cash is the most versatile bonus as it can be used, usually, at the player's discretion on whatever games they like.

A free play bonus is a twist on the free cash offer. The above three bonuses usually have a value of something like $20-40, but a free play bonus can be worth hundreds of dollars. It also comes with a strict time limit. The player bets as they like for that time (perhaps an hour), and when the time's up they keep any winnings and the initial cash disappears.

Things to Bear in Mind

How to Redeem No Deposit Codes

Review sites occasionally have exclusive promotions, but mostly they have generally available offers.

Just about every offer has restrictions. Withdrawal caps typically limit potential winnings to a few hundred dollars, and wagering requirements prevent immediate withdrawals (the requirement is the total sum that must be wagered before a withdrawal can occur. They're usually about 35 times the value of the bonus).

That's the end of our straightforward look at how to find and redeem no deposit codes. When perusing the market for your preferred bonus, do keep in mind the downsides as well as the good stuff.